In Pictures: Sweet Catalina, Come and Gone

12 knot winds gave me the opportunity to deploy every bit of sail I have on the way out (main, staysail, and jib) making 6 knots look easy
Catalina Harbor, on the East side. Just across the Isthmus from Two Harbors. The perfect mix of rural anchorage but an easy hike to a general store, you know, in case you have a hankering to buy $8 loaves of bread.
Much time was spent removing cactus spines from Momo. She was just too damned happy running around for me to restrain her, but eventually I had to be the adult
The name of the game: up 1000 feet, follow a ridge, down 1000 feet to the beach. Rinse, wash, repeat.
Hello, Momo.
Little Harbor, the most remote anchorage on the island.
Stunning cliffs while rounding the SW side on our way toward Avalon
And speaking of! Felt strange to be in this glitzy/glammy little extension of Orange County after nearly two weeks in the more rustic zones
My view. As of October 15th the mooring balls in Avalon are in the “off season” so you pay for two nights and get the rest of the week for free. Sadly, I was rousted out after 4 nights by the Santa Ana winds, which funnel directly through the harbor.
The weekend felt very much like summer (90+ degrees to boot). Then Fall arrived in a hurry, it was more than mildly disorienting

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